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Premier KickBoxing Devon | Unit 24  |  Olympus Business Park |  Kingsteignton Rd | Newton Abbot |  Devon |  TQ12 2SN

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Premier KickBoxing Devon | Unit 24  |  Olympus Business Park |  Kingsteignton Rd |  Newton Abbot |  Devon |  TQ12 2SN

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:0016:30Little Dragons (3-4)Little Dragons (Age's 3&4 )
Monday17:0017:45Kids Kickboxing (7-12)Kids Kickboxing (Age's 7-12)
Monday18:0018:45Teen KTX Kickboxing (13-16)Teen Kickboxing Age's (13-15)
Monday19:0019:45Adult .KTX KickBoxing (16+)Adult KTX Kickboxing (16+)
Monday20:0021:30MMA (16+)MMA (16+)
Tuesday16:0016:30Dragons Kickboxing (5-6)Dragons Kickboxing (Age's 5&6)
Tuesday17:0017:45Kids Kickboxing (7-12)Kids Kickboxing (Ages 7-12)
Tuesday18:0018:45Teen KTX Kickboxing (13-16)Teen Kickboxing Age's (13-15)
Tuesday19:0019:45Adult .KTX KickBoxing (16+)Adult KTX Kickboxing (16+)
Tuesday20:0021:30BJJ (16+)BJJ (No Gi) 16+
Wednesday16:0016:30Little Dragons (3-4)Little Dragons (Age's 3&4 )
Wednesday17:0017:45Kids Kickboxing (7-12)Kids Kickboxing (Age's 7-12 )
Wednesday18:0018:45Teen KTX Kickboxing (13-16)Teen Kickboxing Age's (13-15)
Wednesday19:0019:45Adult .KTX KickBoxing (16+)Adult KTX Kickboxing (16+)
Wednesday20:0021:30MMA (16+)MMA (16+)
Thursday16:0016:30Dragons Kickboxing (5-6)Dragons Kickboxing (Age's 5&6)
Thursday17:0017:45Kids Kickboxing (7-12)Kids Kickboxing (Ages 7-12)
Thursday18:0018:45Teen KTX Kickboxing (13-16)Teen Kickboxing Age's (13-15)
Thursday19:0019:45Adult .KTX KickBoxing (16+)Adult KTX Kickboxing (16+)
Thursday20:0021:30BJJ (16+)BJJ (No Gi) 16+
Saturday9:009:30Dragons Kickboxing (5-6)Little Dragons (Ages 3-4)

Newton Abbot 
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Premier currently teaches over 1,500 students in the Middlesex area. Working with child development specialists and experts in child education, our teaching methods have been designed to ensure that children learn quickly and retain what they learn. Our junior system has monthly themes, including Courtesy, Respect, Confidence, Honesty, Perseverance, Self Discipline, Self Awareness and Self Esteem. The Premier Instructors are full time professionals, CRB checked & First Aid qualified.

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"My son Samuel has been training at Premier for a short time and we can already see his attitude to school changing for the better. 100% Recommended"

Mrs Welch

"I have trained at a couple of other places due to moving around for work, Im so pleased I've now settled at Premier, the Team are clearly elite."


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