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Children's martial arts classes are fun!

Younger kids learn through simple but fun exercises that also help them develop physically and mentally along the way.

For older children, classes become more advanced to help them stay motivated to keep learning.


While children have fun, they'll be helping themselves stay fit.

Martial arts is also an alternative fitness activity for children who might not enjoy other sports.

For the little ones, martial arts can help develop motor skills and coordination while older children can build up strength and stamina.

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Martial arts uses a belt system that rewards children for their achievements during class which can help build up their self esteem and confidence.

Children's martial arts is also great for little ones to meet other like minded kids where they'll form new friendships.

Some classes offer 'leadership' skill building that can help children learn how to interact with others, work as a team and develop problem solving skills, as well as many other benefits.

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Choose from thousands of children's martial arts classes hosted by independent martial arts schools, across the UK.

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