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phoenix taekwondo | Unit E8 |  Langland Park West |  Langland Way | Newport |  Gwent |  NP19 4PT

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phoenix taekwondo | Unit E8 |  Langland Park West |  Langland Way |  Newport |  Gwent |  NP19 4PT

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:3017:003 - 6Tiny TigersTiny Tigers
Monday17:3018:157 - 12Olympic taekwondoJunior taekwondo beginners
Monday18:3019:157 - 12Phoenix TaekwondoJuniors Blue - Black belt
Monday19:3020:3013 - 19, AdultsOlympic taekwondoAdults Taekwondo
Tuesday17:0017:303 - 6Tiny TigersTiny Tigers
Tuesday18:0018:457 - 12Phoenix TaekwondoPhoenix beginners Taekwondo
Tuesday20:0021:00AdultsLadies KickboxingLadies Kickboxing
Wednesday16:3017:003 - 6Tiny TigersTiny Tigers
Wednesday17:3018:157 - 12Olympic taekwondoJunior beginners taekwondo
Wednesday19:3020:3013 - 19, AdultsOlympic taekwondoAdults Taekwondo
Thursday17:0017:303 - 6Olympic taekwondoTiny Tigers
Thursday18:0018:457 - 12Olympic taekwondoJunior beginners taekwondo
Thursday19:0019:4513 - 19, AdultsOlympic taekwondoJunior Blue - Black Belt Taekwondo
Thursday20:0021:00AdultsLadies KickboxingLadies Kickboxing
Friday16:3017:003 - 6Tiny TigersTiny Tigers
Friday17:3018:157 - 12Olympic taekwondoJunior beginners Taekwondo
Friday18:3019:3013 - 15, AdultsOlympic taekwondoJunior Taekwondo Blue - Black Belt
Saturday10:3011:003 - 6Tiny TigersTiny Tigers
Saturday11:1512:007 - 12Olympic taekwondoJunior beginners Taekwondo
Saturday11:3012:307 - 19Olympic taekwondoJuniors Green belt - black belt

Kickboxing, Taekwondo Classes

Olympic Taekwondo and Martial Arts for all ages. we help build Confidence, self esteem, discipline and all in a fun and friendly environment.

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