Sword Styles Classes


What is Sword Styles?

Sword styles are present in a large variety of martial arts.

There are a large number of different sword styles that are present throughout the world, with the majority of such being a smaller part of a larger martial arts style, such as Filipino sword fighting within the art of Kali Eskrima and Chinese sword fighting in the arts of Wushu and Wing Chun Kung Fu. There are however specific fighting styles that are solely developed around the use and incorporation of the sword, such as fencing and kendo.

Types of Sword Styles

There are five main styles of sword fighting that have been developed and influenced through regional conflict and culture:

African; swords were often of various lengths and shapes however all were paired with shields and these sword styles became dominant throughout Africa after the introduction of Islam, after which swordsmanship within the region became that of the middle eastern style.

Asian; there is a lot of difference with these sword styles due to the great variance of culture which is present throughout the region. With sword styles and techniques often being a smaller part of more complex martial arts practices.

European; European sword styles often involve longer, bulkier swords than their Asian counterparts, with focus often being put on the force and power of strikes than finesse.

Modern; modern sword fighting styles involve styles similar to fencing, which has become a well known sport in its own right, these styles focus on finesse and tactical movements to score points in competition.

Middle Eastern; the style of sword play developed from the middle east is very brash and ruthless, focusing on making contact with strong powerful strikes over the tactical ability developed by other regions.