Self-Defence Classes


What are Self-Defence classes?

Self-Defence classes teach essential, street-wise Self-Defence techniques. They’re designed for real world scenarios, to allow individuals to better protect themselves from threatening individuals. While Martial Arts classes are perfect for building fitness and exercising, they teach patterns and set moves that may not always apply in a pressured or stressful situation – especially when real-world opponents do not follow a standard set of rules.

During Self-Defence classes, students will often work with a partner rather than someone who is moving through set exercises, routines or patterns. Students of Self-Defence are taught how to act under pressure using different physical and mental techniques, often creating real-life scenarios, in order to help deal with situations where personal safety may be at risk.


Why should I go to Self-Defence classes?

Self-Defence classes are not strictly about health and fitness, although they will still positively contribute to that. The focus of Self-Defence classes is really about being prepared for situations in the street where you may be threatened. They’re especially good for those who lack confidence when out and about. But it’s also for those who already know a Martial Art and want to add real-world techniques that complement their existing skillset.

The benefits of Self-Defence classes include:

  • Building up your confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn techniques to be applied in the real-world
  • Stress relief
  • Contribute to a healthy lifestyle

What will I learn from Self-Defence classes?

When you attend your local self-defence class, you’ll learn a variety of techniques that cover psychological as well as physical disciplines. The most important concept of Self-Defence that you’ll learn is that awareness. You’ll learn how to become aware of your immediate surroundings, so that you can spot any potential situations, dangers or risks to your personal safety before they happen. (After all, the best form of Self-Defence is to not be there in the first place.)

In the unlikely event that a situation becomes more challenging, you’ll learn physical techniques such as hand and elbow strikes that can neutralise an opponent. You’ll also become aware of how to target areas on the body that are vulnerable to strikes, which can provide a quick for you to exit a confrontation.

You’ll also learn things like importance of shouting - a highly underestimated but effective Self-Defence technique.

Are there any Self-Defence grades?

Unlike most Martial Arts, there are no traditional coloured belts associated with Self-Defence classes. However, there are sometimes around three or four grades or levels, from novice or Level 1, through intermediate and to expert or advanced grades.


Who can take up Self-Defence classes?

Self-Defence classes are extremely useful to anyone and everyone, no matter age or gender, but they’re especially popular with women as well as those who lack confidence.

Self-Defence classes help people feel safer and more secure.