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Sansum Martial Arts | Moray Sports Centre |  Linkwood Road |  Elgin |  Moray |  IV30 8AR

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Sansum Martial Arts | Moray Sports Centre |  Linkwood Road |  Elgin |  Moray |  IV30 8AR

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday17:0017:458 - 12Terriers 1Terriers 2 - Tuesday
Tuesday17:0017:457 - 8Terriers 1Terrier 1 - Tuesday
Tuesday17:0017:303 - 5Little DragonsLitte Dragons - Tuesday
Tuesday17:0017:306 - 8Little NinjaLittle Ninja's -Tuesday
Tuesday17:0017:30Little NinjaLittle Ninja 1 - Tuesday
Tuesday18:0018:4512 - 17CadetsCadet - Tuesday
Tuesday18:0018:45AdultsAdults - Tuesday
Thursday17:0017:306 - 8Little NinjaLittle Ninja's - Thursday
Thursday17:0017:307 - 8Terriers 1Terrier 1 - Thursday
Thursday17:0017:30Little NinjaLittle Ninja 1 - Thursday
Thursday17:0017:458 - 12Terriers 1Terriers 2 - Thursday
Thursday17:0017:303 - 5Little DragonsLittle Dragons - Thursday
Thursday18:0018:4512 - 17CadetsCadet - Thursday
Thursday18:0018:45AdultsAdults - Thursday

Karate, Kickboxing Classes

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Sansum Black Belt Academy.


"My son comes twice a week and his confidence has grown dramatically with the training that he is involved with. Also the leaders are role models to him and he enjoys being with them and the group that he belongs too."


"Nathaniel has only been attending Sansum Blackbelt Academy for a few weeks but is really enjoying doing kickboxing. He has made some new friends, it is helping his confidence and he enjoys taking part in the class."


"My eldest son was shy and didn’t like new situations or new people. He wanted to do an after school activity but everything we tried didn’t work until he started attending Sansum Blackbelt Academy. He settled very quickly and really enjoyed classes, over the last 2 years we have seen him grow in confidence and ability. My youngest son saw how well his big brother was doing and asked to join in classes too. He loves attending class and often tried to sneak into the older classes too as he loves it so much. Sansum Blackbelt Academy has proved a fantastic choice for us, both my boys continue to grow and love their kickboxing family. I would highly recommend them to others."


"Our daughter goes to Sansum Blackbelt Academy. We are impressed by the skills she has already learned. She always has lots of fun and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. They are always approachable and take a genuine interest in pupils. It is more than a martial arts class, Sansum Blackbelt Academy promotes a healthy lifestyle, a positive attitude, self belief and holistic development in the children."


"Sansum Black belt Academy welcomed our sons with open arms into the club and recognised any previous experience they had allowing them to build on what they had already achieved. Being made welcome and becoming part of their family is testament of the respect and friendships made at this club, not just for students but also for the families alike. Regarding our children, to witness their drive, passion for martial arts return including their confidence and attitudes was clearly testament of the instructors and a clear example of what Sansum Black belt Academy is all about. With a diverse group of instructors coupled with a plethora of experience across multiple disciplines, they actively encourage & develop students with each one progressing at their own pace without ever feeling uncomfortable or under pressure, including giving them the opportunity to learn and develop up to international level athletes. I cannot fault this club."


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