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On 3 May, 2016

Is It Too Late To Start Martial Arts?

If you’re an adult who might be thinking of trying martial arts but worried it might be too late to start, then stop worrying - there is good news! Martial arts offers a variety of styles and classes tailored to the different requirements of adults of all ages & abilities. This means that there’s something for everyone so it’s never too late to start.

Adults Who Take Part In Martial Arts...

While it’s natural to think of martial arts as an activity for children, according to US statistics, there are in fact a good number of adults participating in martial arts with around 9.4 million adults taking part with over a million of those being aged 50 or older. (source:

What If I’m Unfit Or Out Of Shape?

One barrier to adults joining a martial arts class can be the perception that because they may be a little unfit or out of shape that this prohibits them from starting as a beginner.

While it helps to be in good shape when doing any form of exercise, the good news is that taking part in martial arts can actually help you get back into shape - with a little commitment of course!

Martial Arts not only offers physical training, but it can also be good for the mind giving you the training and techniques you need to help you feel more relaxed, calm and focussed.

Will I Have To Take Part With Children?

It’s true that some martial arts clubs will offer classes that are mixed with families, children and adults. However there are also schools that offer classes and programmes designed specifically for adults. This type of adult only training usually means you train with an instructor who understands the needs of the adult student, such as helping you train at your own pace.

So When It Comes To Martial Arts, Age Is No Barrier!

As mentioned earlier, martial arts’ has something for everyone regardless of age or ability. If you’re ready to take the next step, search for a class in your area and try it for free with Get Into Martial Arts.

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On 10 May, 2016

Encourage children to try something new that helps improve their fitness and focus at school. From Karate to Taekwondo, there’s a martial arts style to suit everyone.

Sporty kids tend to have discipline and motivation, not to mention a will to succeed. If you’re looking for an after school activity for your child that is fun and educational then why not try martial arts?

Choose wisely

Knowing which activity to choose for your child can be a challenge. Of course, the most important thing is that your child has fun but it’s also useful to know which activities can help them develop both physically and mentally. That’s where children’s martial arts comes in.

Martial arts is fun

Children get to learn new moves, exercises and play games. After all, what’s more fun for a child than learning how to do a spinning kick or jump like their favourite superhero or character?

Kids also get to share their experience with others in a group, forming new friendships and bonds. Great for developing social skills.

They’ll also get to run around and burn off all that extra energy!

Child development

For parents whose children do martial arts classes, the benefits can be wide ranging, from helping kids learn how to focus to learning the importance of self discipline and respect for others (principles that martial arts is built on). This all has the potential to help children develop not only from a young age but as they get older and later on in adult life. Children who may struggle for confidence can benefit, too. Martial arts uses a grading or belt system that rewards students for learning moves. This also teaches them the importance of goal setting and how to achieve them.

And kids love it because...

"You learn the coolest stuff while having a fun time," Gabriel, nine.

"I meet new friends," Barney 11.

"I like winning black belt of the week," Sam, six.

"It’s great to learn new moves," Michael, 13.

For More Information:

To find a martial arts school and book a free trial class visit our martial arts classes page.

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