Martial Arts Classes


What is Martial Arts?

Martial Arts are self defence and combat systems practiced around the world. There are many ways that Martial Arts can be used such as self defence, competitions, sport, entertainment as well as for health reasons including fitness and personal well being.

This makes Martial Arts one of the most versatile and beneficial physical activities available to everyone today, with a range of different Martial Arts styles that can suit just about anyone’s requirements.

Martial Arts

Who are Martial Arts classes for?

As well as professional organisations such as the police or military, martial arts can be enjoyed by adults and children of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re looking for an alternative way to exercise or socialise or help your child develop, then Martial Arts can help.

Martial Arts

What will I learn from Martial Arts classes?

Depending on which Martial Arts class you choose, you’ll learn self defence techniques, understand breathing techniques to help relieve stress and feel fitter.

For adults, there are many benefits:

  • Regular visits to the gym can quickly become monotonous - Martial Arts classes are varied helping you stay motivated
  • You’ll learn skills that help you stay focussed to help improve productivity at work
  • Family Martial Arts classes means you can share a common activity, while helping you stay fit and spend more time together

For parents and children, the benefits of martial arts classes are just as great:

  • Helps children develop their coordination and motor skills as they grow
  • Teaches children the value of listening and respect, life skills they can take forward at school and later on in their adult life
  • Parents may notice an improvement in their child’s self discipline, which may help to improve children who may have behavioural issues

The most important benefit though is that Martial Arts classes are great fun for everyone!