Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing Classes

What are Kickboxing Classes?

Born in the USA, kickboxing started sometime during the 1970’s by Kickboxing practitioners who wanted to use kicks and punches when competing, to make the it a full contact martial arts.

Kickboxing, as the name suggests combines parts of Kickboxing with boxing. While gloves are worn on the hands, kicks are practiced with bare feet.

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Who Are Kickboxing Classes For?

For anyone looking to get fit, improve their physical strength and fitness, then Kickboxing classes can help.

Kickboxing classes are suitable for both children and adults, especially popular with women looking to get fit.

Build up confidence or self esteem

Help stay fit and healthy

Relieve stress

Kickboxing classes are fun too!

Learn kickboxing

What Will I Learn?

You’ll learn self defence techniques such as kicks, punches and blocks but you’ll also benefit from the high intensity cardio workout that kickboxing classes offer.

Some classes may involve some one and one sparring while others while offer fitness exercises using punch bags. Kickboxing classes can also help build and tone muscle.

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