Jado Kuin Do Classes


What is Jado Kuin Do?

Jado Kuin Do is a truly modern-day invention. It was established in 1998 by trained Master Jake Ogen in Northamptonshire, who had over three decades of experience in the field of martial arts.

The origin of the name comes from:

  • Jado – is the abbreviation of the creators’ full name
  • Kuin – 'family style'
  • Do – meaning 'the art' or 'the way'

Jado Kuin Do has gone from strength to strength over the years. It has expanded outside the Midlands and now has instructors all over the country – each under the original teaching of its founder.

Jake Ogen created Jado Kuin Do to educate on the more traditional form of martial arts while being able to keep things fresh and explore new ideas. He wanted to amalgamate various application to truly create a contemporary fighting experience.

Who are Jado Kuin Do classes for?

Jado Kuin Do is for all backgrounds, gender and ages, beginning at 3 years old. So, if you’re struggling to choose what practice to go with and are looking for the whole family to get involved, this martial art maybe the perfect one for you.

Its all-encompassing style of martial arts tests physicality. but more importantly to bring peace of mind. It is ultimately a great way to kick stress levels or for someone looking for a journey of self-discovery.

Once you’ve become well practiced in the art form you can enjoy contributing to a developing homegrown sport. You can also train to get involved in national competitions or become an instructor yourself.

What will I learn in a Jado Kuin Do class?

The form has inspirational roots covering many Eastern practices including Kickboxing, Karate and Taekwondo, with the idea being to combine core elements from each to create a complete unique take and a truly innovative sport on the forefront of self-discipline.

Jado Kuin Do has 5 fighting strategies based on animals:

  • The Tiger – power, strength and aggression
  • The Crane – balance and core strength
  • The Snake – maneuverability, accuracy and precision
  • The Panther – cunningness, speed and agility
  • The Dragon – spirituality and philosophy

Focus in Jado Kuin Do is mainly on improving balance and coordination while at the same time developing versatility. Even if you’re not in peak physical condition – the manoeuvres you will learn will help you to adapt in any situation.

During your first lesson, emphasis will be put on getting you ready to put your skills to the test, mainly guiding you with sparring interactions with other students. But don’t worry – this won’t be until you feel comfortable so don’t expect to go toe-to-toe in your early tutorials.