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Brier School |  Bromley Lane |  West Midlands |  Kingswinford |  DY6 8QN

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Brier School |  Bromley Lane |  Kingswinford |  West Midlands |  DY6 8QN

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday18:0018:45ChildrenLittle Dragons 4-6 yearsLittle Dragons 4-6 Years
Tuesday18:4519:30Adults, Children, FamilySankukai KarateSankukai Karate Juniors 7+ & Adults
Tuesday19:3020:15Adults, FamilyEscrima,Jeet Kune DoBruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do

Karate, Filipino, Jeet Kune Do Classes

Whether you are an accomplished Martial Artist or a complete beginner, we have a class to suit your needs. The Martial Arts have so much to offer everyone in developing both mind and body alike. We offer a free first lesson for you to try one of our classes to see and experience for yourself our friendly and experienced Academy.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Rob Locks Academy.


"I have learnt how to defend myself in case anything bad happens when I am out. Although I do know the first thing to do is RUN AWAY. Rob Locks Martial Arts Academy has helped me get into physical exercise and it has helped me become fitter. I really enjoy doing Karate and I have promised myself that I am going to carry on until I get my Black Belt."

Sarah Holmes

"I have made new friends, learnt how to protect myself and I have got more confidence. I enjoy coming to Karate because I get tougher each week and have fun at the same time. My favourite thing is playing the games at the end of the lesson."

Katie Ludlam

"I enjoy Karate because it has given me lots of confidence. It has built up my strength too. I enjoy meeting new friends and having fun."

Warren Thomas

"I have met many new friends during my time at the Academy. I have become much fitter and learnt new moves and defenses. I have gained some badges and I go to the lesson on Wednesday and Friday. I enjoy it very much and I wish I could come everyday. At the end of the lesson we play games such as Bulldog, Sliders, dodgeball and more."

Alex Lockhart

"I have learnt a lot of good moves and Rob makes me laugh."

Paige Roberts

"David's confidence has boosted through the roof and his attitude and temperment have been so much better and everyone who knows him has noticed this. I would like to say a huge thank you to you and all the team as it has a lot to do with the help and guidance you have given David."

Lisa Grose

"Thank you Rob for guiding me on my way to my Black Belt. Since starting training my fitness has greatly improved which has helped me in school and in every day life. I hope you continue to help others on their journey."

Nicola Bevan

"Thank you for your guidance and inspiration Rob, I have discovered how amazing Martial Arts really is especially with you as my coach."

Marc Thomas

"I have learnt amazing skills which have increased my self confidence. I have an awareness around me now when I am out to keep me safe."

Naomi Alebon

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