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Fortitude - Caterham & Coulsdon | Oasis Academy |  Homefield Road |  Surrey |  Old Coulsdon |  CR5 1ES

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Fortitude - Caterham & Coulsdon | Oasis Academy |  Homefield Road |  Old Coulsdon |  Surrey |  CR5 1ES

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday18:0019:00ChildrenTaekwondoCAT Juniors (Tues)
Tuesday20:0021:00AdultsTaekwondoCAT Seniors (Tues)
Wednesday20:1521:15AdultsTaekwondoCAT Seniors (Wed)
Friday17:0017:456 - 8TaekwondoCAT Dragons (Fri)
Friday17:4518:459 - 16TaekwondoCAT Juniors (Fri)
Friday19:4520:45AdultsTaekwondoCAT Seniors (Fri)
Saturday9:009:303 - 5NinjasCAT Ninja (Sat)
Saturday9:3010:156 - 8TaekwondoCAT Dragons (Sat)
Saturday11:0012:00FamilyTaekwondoCAT Family (Sat)
Sunday9:3010:003 - 5NinjasCAT Ninja (Sun)
Sunday10:0010:45ChildrenTaekwondoCAT Dragons (Sun)
Sunday10:4511:45FamilyTaekwondoCAT Family (Sun)

Old Coulsdon 
Taekwondo Classes

ITF Taekwon Do classes for the whole family. We care passionately about the progress of all our students. Offering age related classes from 3yrs+

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