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Heyford village hall |  Heyford village hall |  The green | Nether heyford |  Northamptonshire |  NN7 3nw

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Heyford village hall |  Heyford village hall |  The green |  Nether heyford |  Northamptonshire |  NN7 3nw

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday17:0018:004 - 12Jado Kuin DoTuesday Kids Beginners Nether Heyford
Tuesday19:0020:0013+, AdultsJado Kuin DoTuesday Adults Nether Heyford

Nether heyford 
Jado Kuin Do Classes

Jado Kuin Do is much more than just punching, kicking and physical exercise. It creates awareness, self discipline, mental guidance and philosophical values. Jado Kuin Do is a seemingly simple yet complex martial art, which encompasses strength, speed and power coupled with sensitivity, accuracy and grace. All of these elements collectively, assist students in their never-ending circle of learning, self-discovery and mind and body equilibrium.

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