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Function First Academy | Dixon court |  Dixon street |  Lincoln |  Lincolnshire |  LN6 7DA

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Function First Academy | Dixon court |  Dixon street |  Lincoln |  Lincolnshire |  LN6 7DA

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:3017:154 - 8Little VipersLittle Vipers Monday's
Monday17:3018:159 - 16Cadets FTXCadets Monday's
Monday18:3019:30AdultsAdult Kickboxing FTXFTX Kickboxing - Mondays
Monday19:3020:30AdultsAdult MMAMMA - Monday's
Tuesday16:3017:154 - 8Little VipersLittle Vipers Tuesday's
Tuesday17:3018:159 - 16Cadets FTXCadets Tuesday's
Tuesday18:3019:30AdultsAdult Kickboxing FTXFTX Kickboxing Tuesday's
Tuesday19:3020:30AdultsBoxingAdult Boxing
Tuesday19:3020:30AdultsRenegade street tactics RSTRenegade Street Tactics - Tuesday's
Wednesday16:3017:154 - 8Little VipersLittle Vipers Wednesday's
Wednesday17:3018:159 - 16Cadets FTXCadets Wednesday's
Wednesday18:3019:30AdultsAdult Kickboxing FTXFTX Kickboxing- Wednesday's
Wednesday19:3020:30AdultsAdult MMAMMA - Wednesdays
Thursday16:3017:154 - 8Little VipersLittle Vipers Thursday's
Thursday17:3018:159 - 16Cadets FTXCadets Thursday's
Thursday18:3019:30AdultsBoxingThursday Adult Boxing
Thursday18:3019:30AdultsAdult MMA,Cadets FTXGi Jitz
Thursday19:3020:30AdultsRenegade street tactics RSTRenegade Street Tactics- Thursday's
Saturday9:3010:154 - 8Little VipersLittle Vipers Saturday's
Saturday10:3011:159 - 16Cadets FTXCadets Saturday's
Saturday11:3012:15AdultsKettlebellKettlebell - Off Peak Saturday's
Saturday12:3013:30AdultsAdult Kickboxing FTXFTX Kickboxing - Off Peak Saturday's
Saturday12:3013:15ChildrenCadets FTX,Little Viperscadet & viper GI Jitz
Saturday14:3016:00AdultsAdult MMAAdult Gi Jitz class

Gymnastics, Fitness, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Boxing Classes

Family martial arts and fitness academy. Kickboxing, mixed martial arts, self defence and kettlebell fitness classes. Ages 5 to adult.

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"Fantastic facilities, people, and instructors that really know their stuff. Awesome atmosphere and functional real world training whether its self defence, martial arts, or fitness that you're looking to improve!"

Dan Hollaway

"Great training for all ages and levels and some lovely people who love what they do. You will not be disappointed!"

Christie Lagogianni

"Changed my life!!!"

Sam Abbot

"Fantastic instructors making both my children feel accepted and confident in what they are learning. I'd recommend for any child/person"

Lindsay Caldwell

"Brilliant place for children to learn, become confident and be comfortable with themselves. Staff are great too!"

Debbie Wilkinson

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