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Impact Combat Ltd | The Swiftway Centre |  Central Avenue |  Lutterworth  |  Leicestershire |  LE17 4NY

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Impact Combat Ltd | The Swiftway Centre |  Central Avenue |  Lutterworth  |  Leicestershire |  LE17 4NY

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday10:0011:00AdultsGymLadies Only Kickboxing
Monday16:0016:45ChildrenKids KickboxingLittle Ninjas Kickboxing
Monday18:0019:00ChildrenKids KickboxingKids Kickboxing
Monday19:0020:00Adults 13+KickboxingAdults Kickboxing
Monday20:0020:45Adults 13+KickboxingAdults Kickboxing Sparring
Tuesday10:0011:00AdultsGymLadies and Babies Fitness
Tuesday17:0018:00ChildrenBoxingKids Boxing
Tuesday18:0019:00Adults 13+BoxingAdults Boxing
Tuesday19:0020:00Adults 13+MMAAdults MMA Grappling
Tuesday20:0021:00Adults 13+MMAAdults MMA Mixed Martial Arts
Wednesday10:0011:00AdultsGymLadies Only Kickboxing
Wednesday16:0016:45ChildrenKids KickboxingLittle Ninjas Kickboxing
Wednesday18:0019:00ChildrenKids KickboxingKids Kickboxing
Wednesday19:0020:00Adults 13+KickboxingAdults Kickboxing
Wednesday19:0020:00Adults 13+GymThe Ultimate Fitness Class
Wednesday20:0020:45Adults 13+KickboxingAdults Kickboxing Sparring
Thursday10:0011:00AdultsGymLadies and Babies Fitness
Thursday17:0018:00ChildrenBoxingKids Boxing
Thursday18:0019:00Adults 13+MMAAdults MMA Mixed Martial Arts
Thursday19:0020:00Adults 13+BoxingAdults Boxing
Thursday20:0020:45Adults 13+BoxingAdults Boxing Sparring
Friday18:0019:00Adults 13+GymThe Ultimate Fitness Class
Friday18:0019:00ChildrenMMAKids MMA Mixed Martial Arts
Friday19:0020:00Adults 13+KickboxingAdults Kickboxing
Saturday9:1510:00ChildrenKids KickboxingLittle Ninjas Kickboxing
Saturday10:0011:00ChildrenKids KickboxingKids Kickboxing
Saturday11:0011:45ChildrenKids KickboxingKids Kickboxing Sparring
Saturday11:0012:00Adults 13+MMAAdults MMA Grappling
Saturday12:0013:30Adults 13+GymStrength and Conditioning Fitness Class
Sunday11:0012:00Adults 13+MMANo-Gi Grappling Open Mat

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