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Conquest Martial Arts Martial arts lessons | Hurstmere School |  Hurst Road |  Sidcup |  Kent |  DA15 9AW

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Conquest Martial Arts Martial arts lessons | Hurstmere School |  Hurst Road |  Sidcup |  Kent |  DA15 9AW

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Wednesday19:0020:00Children 8 - 15JujutsuJunior Jujutsu

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Ju Jitsu Classes

We teach Jujutsu in a fun and friendly environment to children and adults. Our classes install confidence whilst teaching you the ability to remove yourself quickly and efficiently from a potential conflict. All of our instructors have been training in martial arts for decades and have a wealth of practical experience. We teach locks, throws, groundwork, striking and training in traditional and modern weapons. We also offer Personal training sessons for those looking to improve their fitness. Also available are Hatton Boxing padwork classes.

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"Great class! It is a great system with a huge heritage and loads of fun! First class free... Highly recommend this"

John Scholes

"I started training with Bujinkan North Kent Dojo in Oct 2017, once a week, they added this extra evening session at White Oak which has meant I can train twice a week now, which has meant a much better training level for myself. The training room is fitted wall to wall with mats suited to training. Plenty of parking on site."

Mamma Bear

"My three children love this class, they are learning more and more each lesson. Class prices are very reasonable and the instructors are 2nd to none.. Bujinkan has been a real adventure for them and they especially love the weapons training! The DOJO is purpose built and provides a safe environment for their learning, the class is growing each week and has a wonderful family feel to it."

Matthew Carter

"Both our children learn jujitsu here, our son is visually impaired and it has not been a problem for the instructors, they have taken on this challenge with enthusiasm and our sons confidence has soared, both our children love it here, the instructors are friendly encouraging and extremely knowledgeable and there is a good laugh to be had in their relaxed approach to teaching, fantastic place to learn and flourish"

Amy Douglas

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