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TKO Kickboxing Maidstone | Unit G6 |  St Peters Street |  Powerhub | Maidstone |  Kent |  ME16 0ST

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TKO Kickboxing Maidstone | Unit G6 |  St Peters Street |  Powerhub |  Maidstone |  Kent |  ME16 0ST

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday18:0018:3010 - 15Adults / CadetsCadet Kickboxing - Mondays
Monday18:4519:3016+, AdultsAdults / CadetsAdult Kickboxing - Mondays
Monday19:4520:3016+, AdultsWhite Collar BoxingWhite Collar Boxing - Mondays
Tuesday17:3018:005 - 11JuniorsJunior Kickboxing - Tuesdays
Tuesday18:1519:0016+, AdultsAdults / CadetsAdult Kickboxing - Tuesdays
Tuesday19:1520:00AdultsAdults / CadetsLadies only Kickboxing - Tuesdays
Wednesday9:3010:3016+, AdultsAdult kickboxing,White Collar BoxingDay Time Kickboxing Class / Boxing / Circuit
Wednesday18:0018:3010 - 15Adults / CadetsCadet Kickboxing - Wednesdays
Wednesday18:4519:3016+, AdultsAdults / CadetsAdult Kickboxing - Wednesdays
Wednesday19:4520:3016+, AdultsWhite Collar BoxingWhite Collar Boxing - Wednesdays
Thursday18:4519:3016+, AdultsAdult kickboxingAdult Kickboxing Thursdays
Thursday19:4520:3016+, AdultsWhite Collar Boxingwhite collar boxing
Friday17:3018:005 - 11JuniorsJunior Kickboxing - Fridays
Friday18:1519:3016+, AdultsAdults / CadetsAdults Sparring & open Mat Session- Fridays
Friday18:1519:3010 - 15Adults / CadetsCadet open training session kickboxing
Saturday9:0010:00FamilyAdult kickboxingcircuit Class

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