MMAX Gym | Unit 3 Fensomes Alley |  Queensway  |  Hertfordshire  |  Hemel Hempstead  |  HP2 5HB

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MMAX Gym | Unit 3 Fensomes Alley |  Queensway  |  Hemel Hempstead  |  Hertfordshire  |  HP2 5HB

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0018:00MMAX StrikingNEW: MMA Kids Class
Monday18:0018:45MMAX StrikingMMA Sparring
Monday18:4519:45MMAX StrikingMMA Striking
Monday20:0021:30AdultsBJJAdults BJJ
Tuesday5:005:30MMAX StrikingMMAX Early Risers Sparring
Tuesday5:306:15MMAX StrikingMMAX Early Risers Padwork
Wednesday5:005:30MMAX StrikingMMAX Early Risers Sparring
Wednesday5:306:15MMAX StrikingMMAX Early Risers Padwork
Wednesday17:0018:00MMAX StrikingNEW: MMA Kids Class
Wednesday18:0018:45MMAX StrikingMMA Sparring
Wednesday20:0021:30AdultsBJJAdults BJJ
Thursday18:4519:45MMAX StrikingMMA Striking
Friday5:005:30MMAX StrikingMMAX Early Risers Sparring
Friday5:306:15MMAX StrikingMMAX Early Risers Padwork
Friday17:0018:00MMAX StrikingNEW: MMA Kids Class
Friday18:0018:45MMAX StrikingMMA Sparring
Friday18:4519:45MMAX StrikingMMA Striking
Friday20:0021:30AdultsBJJAdults BJJ
Sunday16:0017:00MMAX Striking,MMAX Submisson WrestlingMMAX Sparring

Hemel Hempstead  
Ju Jitsu, MMA Classes

Friendly martial arts club run by UK MMA fighter, Denniston Sutherland.

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