Kaisho Martial Arts

East Hyde Village Hall |  8 Southern Rise |  Hertfordshire  |  East Hyde |  LU2 9QB

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East Hyde Village Hall |  8 Southern Rise |  East Hyde |  Hertfordshire  |  LU2 9QB

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday18:3019:30ChildrenKaisho Martial ArtsJuniors Class age 7-11
Monday19:3020:30AdultsKaisho Martial ArtsAdults only
Tuesday10:1511:15Kaisho Martial ArtsLadies Kick Boxing, East Hyde
Tuesday18:3019:30ChildrenKaisho Martial ArtsJuniors Class
Tuesday19:3020:30AdultsKickboxingLadies Adults only
Thursday18:3019:307 - 11Kaisho Martial Arts,Kaisho Martial Arts,Kaisho Martial ArtsJunior Class
Thursday19:3020:3012 - 17Kaisho Martial ArtsKaisho Academy of Martial Arts
Friday19:0020:00AdultsKickboxingKickboxing East Hyde
Sunday9:3010:154 - 6Little Kaisho WarriorsLittle Kaisho Warriors
Sunday10:3011:30Kaisho Martial ArtsSunday Family

East Hyde 
Ju Jitsu, Kickboxing Classes

Welcome to Kaisho Martial Arts, we hope you enjoy looking around our site. Kaisho combines traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu techniques with, Karate, Kickboxing and modern Combat Martial Arts, that offers our students a unique training opportunity to learn the style of martial arts today.

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