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Kicx Martial Arts | 49a London Road |  Gloucester |  Gloucestershire |  GL1 3HF

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Kicx Martial Arts | 49a London Road |  Gloucester |  Gloucestershire |  GL1 3HF

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:3017:20Children 4 - 5Karate,MAPDNinjas
Monday17:3018:20Children 6+Karate,MAPDSamurais
Monday18:3019:30Adults 13+Karate,MAPDWarriors
Tuesday16:3017:20Children 4 - 5Karate,MAPDNinjas
Tuesday17:3018:20Children 6+Karate,MAPDSamurais
Tuesday18:3019:30Adults 13+Karate,MAPDWarriors
Wednesday16:3017:20Children 4 - 5Karate,MAPDNinjas
Wednesday17:3018:20Children 6+Karate,MAPDSamurais
Wednesday18:3019:30Adults 13+Karate,MAPDWarriors
Thursday16:3017:20Children 4 - 5Karate,MAPDNinjas
Thursday17:3018:20Children 6+Karate,MAPDSamurais
Thursday18:3019:30Adults 13+Karate,MAPDWarriors
Saturday9:3010:20Children 4 - 5Karate,MAPDNinjas
Saturday10:3011:20Children 6 - 12Karate,MAPDSamurais
Saturday11:3012:30Adults 13+Karate,MAPDWarriors

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Karate, Kickboxing Classes

Full Time Martial Arts "super" Centre. FULLY matted with a viewing area. Instructor has been teaching since 1989 and ran the first full time academy in Gloucester. At £7.50 a class, tuition fees will not be an issue. We help students become the best they can be! With our unique teaching style (game based), you will see why children love classes. Adult classes are just as much fun, becoming lean and fit is what most adults want, so our classes are based around that, with great self-defence skills taught. Try a FREE class today.

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"I trained with Master Thompson some time ago so when it came to requiring an excellent role model and teacher for my 5 year old son then there wasn't anywhere else I would take Riley!! Master Thompson and the other instructors are a cut above the rest! They are patient and so good with all the kids!!"

Vikki Claridge

"My daughter has just turned four and has only done one lesson and my what a lesson. I love the whole ethos of Kicx Martial arts not only does she learn so much but she has so much fun . I’m looking forward to watching her grow and her adventure ahead with the school."

Stephanie Gilson

"I was a little nervous to start with as I'd never done a martial arts class before, but the instructors were so friendly and welcoming that I felt more relaxed right away. I've found the quality of teaching to be excellent; the instructors were always able to tell me exactly what I needed to be doing to improve and were very patient and kind if I was struggling with something. The structure of the class allowed me to work at my own pace and receive individual feedback so that I never felt overwhelmed or that things were too difficult. I would fully recommend Kicx to a friend, I've really enjoyed the classes and I feel like I've learned so much about self defence in such a short space of time."

Toby Corrigan

"I had the pleasure to train with Master Thompson at Kicx Martial Arts in Gloucester. His mastery, patience to teach and love to his art is second to none. He radiates energy and attentive to each student that makes you feel as the only person in the class. The padfit classes are true burner and fantastic to release the day stresses! Such a friendly place, helpful staff with clean facilities! Thanks Master and keep the fantastic work mate!"

Ehab Omar Al-Sharief

"Kicx is an amazing school and Joshua has accomplished so much. He is now a black belt and he's still looking ahead and striving to go further due to your teaching and passion."

Karen Hall

"Awesome! My 5 year old loves it and my 2 year old can't wait until he's 3, so he can start!! Having a multiple gold medal winning, world champion as teacher is really special too!"

Andrew Watkins

"Had my boys 6th birthday party today, everyone had an amazing time. Thanks to the staff for running the party and making it a success. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

Nick Penton

"Great class tonight & loved the combos.. It's fab learning something new and keeping the mind & body fresh! I love the classes when they are martial art orientated. Thank you for keeping me motivated."

Louise Pledger

"Great fun for all the family and awesome fitness great leaders"

Paul Bowen

"My 5yr old son joined the club around 2months ago and it has been one of the best things he has done. Kicx has such a friendly, fun atmosphere but also is very serious about teaching martial arts and its values. The instructors are amazing with the children and my son cannot wait for his weekly sessions. I would recommend Kicx to any parent or adult that are looking for something new to focus on and improve your fitness."

Hannah Broder

"I have been training with Master Thompson and Kicx for the last couple of years, and I can thoroughly recommend this club. The adults classes which I attend are loads of fun and really high energy. Master Thompson will keep you extremely fit and motivated, and everybody at the club is friendly and welcoming. Don't be afraid to join us, no matter what your fitness levels are. If you are not very experienced, you will soon learn. If you are already very fit, the classes will still push you to your extremes. You will love it!"

Anita Faulkner

"My daughter LOVES her classes at Kicx.. She has grown in confidence and is learning all the time. Master T and his team are wonderful with the children and not only do they work hard they also make it fun. I couldn't recommend them highly enough."

Katie Macdonald

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