Keiryu Practical Karate

Keiryu Practical Karate | Blackwater Leisure Centre |  Park Drive |  Braintree | Maldon |  Essex |  CM9 5UR

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Keiryu Practical Karate | Blackwater Leisure Centre |  Park Drive |  Braintree |  Maldon |  Essex |  CM9 5UR

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0018:006 - 12Keiryu Practical KarateMaldon
Monday19:0020:0012 - 19, AdultsKeiryu Practical KarateMaldon
Wednesday18:3019:3012 - 19, AdultsKeiryu Practical KarateMaldon
Friday18:0019:006 - 11Keiryu Practical KarateMaldon

Karate Classes

Welcome to Keiryu Practical Karate. Keiryu Practical karate offers a fun, friendly and safe environment to learn karate. We offer classes in Maldon and Silver End. At Keiryu Practical Karate we deliver a karate system with realism and modern training principles. Leading to an exciting comprehensive karate programme offering something for everyone. Adults and children from the age of 6 years are welcome.

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"Lee is a very good and talented teacher. His teaching skills are amazing and encouraging. Lee is friendly, helpful & kind, but firm. He is popular and his students are growing in number day by day."

S. Vithian

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