Kuk Sool Won - Eastbourne

The Martial Arts Centre – Eastbourne | 24 Longstone Road |  Eastbourne |  East Sussex |  BN21 3SN

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The Martial Arts Centre – Eastbourne | 24 Longstone Road |  Eastbourne |  East Sussex |  BN21 3SN

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0018:007 - 12Kuk Sool WonKids
Monday18:0018:45Kuk Sool WonKids weapons
Tuesday16:3017:154 - 6Kuk Sool WonLittle Ninjas
Tuesday17:3018:307 - 12Kuk Sool WonKids
Tuesday18:3019:15Kuk Sool WonKids weapons
Tuesday19:3020:3013+, AdultsKuk Sool WonAdults
Tuesday20:3021:15Kuk Sool WonAdult Weapons
Thursday17:3018:307 - 12Kuk Sool WonKids
Thursday18:3019:154 - 12Kuk Sool WonKids Weapons
Thursday19:3020:3013+, AdultsKuk Sool WonAdults
Thursday20:3021:15Kuk Sool WonAdult Weapons
Friday17:3018:307 - 12Kuk Sool WonKids
Friday18:3019:15Kuk Sool WonKids weapons
Friday19:3020:3013+, AdultsKuk Sool WonAdults
Friday20:3021:15Kuk Sool WonAdult Weapons
Saturday9:009:453 - 5Kuk Sool WonLittle Ninjas
Saturday9:4510:304 - 6Kuk Sool WonLittle Ninjas
Saturday10:4511:457 - 12Kuk Sool WonKids
Saturday11:4512:30Kuk Sool WonKids weapons

FreeStyle Classes

The Martial Art we train in at the Eastbourne School is the comprehensive style of Kuk Sool Won,™ which is a traditional Korean Martial Arts system. Within our classes, we look at many aspects of Martial Arts including: Kicking, Striking, Weapons, Moving Forms, Escape & Control Techniques, Body Conditioning, Flexibility and Much More ... We run Martial Art classes from age 3 up to Adult, and for all levels of fitness, capability and training needs.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Kuk Sool Won - Eastbourne.


""The Eastbourne martial arts centre is an amazing place to be with dedicated, fun, knowledgeable instructors who make each session unique. Can't recommend this centre highly enough. Each of my four boys look forward to attending their weapons, sparing and training sessions each week and have been inspired enough to want to become an instructor in the future. I too am joining the fun from September in the family and adult's class. Can't wait!!""

Jackie W.

""I give it two thumbs up, my son has been attending Kuk Sool for nearly two years and he loves it, I have joined as well. Great opportunity to learn self defence, highly recommended.""

Agata J.

""Such lovely teachers and such a friendly place""

Claire Y.

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