Byrne Black Belt Academy School Of Champions | 1 Paardeberg Road |  Normandy Way |  Cornwall |  Bodmin |  PL31 1EY

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Byrne Black Belt Academy School Of Champions | 1 Paardeberg Road |  Normandy Way |  Bodmin |  Cornwall |  PL31 1EY

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday17:3018:153 - 6Little NinjaLittle Ninja - Bodmin
Tuesday18:1519:00Sport Karate Kids Karate Kids - Bodmin
Wednesday17:3018:15Little NinjaLittle Ninja
Wednesday18:1519:00Sport Karate KidsSport Karate Kids
Wednesday19:0020:00Competition ClassCompetition Class
Thursday17:3018:153 - 6KickboxingLittle Ninjas
Thursday18:1519:007 - 12KickboxingKarate kids
Thursday19:0019:503 - 15, AdultsKickboxingSparring mixed ages and abilities
Thursday20:0021:1513 - 15, AdultsLadies onlyLadies kick boxing
Friday16:1517:003 - 6Little NinjaLittle Ninjas
Friday17:0017:457 - 12Sport Karate Kidssport karate kids
Saturday9:3010:153 - 6Sport KarateLittle Ninjas - Bodmin
Saturday10:1511:003 - 12, Adults, FamilySport KarateKarate Kid & Family Class
Saturday11:0011:45Adults, ChildrenSport KarateBeginners Competition Class

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Learn Martial Arts in Cornwall with the School of Excellence. The Byrne Black Belt Academy offers the best and most progressive Martial Arts Schools in the South West of England, they offer a blend of Karate, Sport Karate and Kickboxing in a fun and friendly educational programme, students learn Self reliance, respect and discipline.

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"Been involved with Ed and his Karate school for a couple of years now. Both my children (3 and 11) are training. Both my partner and I have been so impressed and excited by what we see we have started training also. Considering the children for a moment; apart from the obvious benefits to fitness we find the lessons to be excellent for confidence, discipline and concentration. I think this is going to put my son in great shape for starting school in a few weeks! My daughter has been training for 5+ hours a week travelling to the numerous sites they train at all around the county. In addition we attend the special training sessions that Ed runs that sometimes include world class guest fighters. We are now starting to travel up country with team byrne for competitions. Its a great way to broaden horizons and meet/fight people from all over the uk. The whole 'team byrne' family are friendly beyond belief and we have the opportunity to take part in demonstrations and fund raising events regularly. The latest being 2 teams entered into dragon boat racing in falmouth (very very cool). We've all made some good friends through the academy and my daughter delights in attending sessions partly to see her friends, as well as training hard I could go on all day waxing lyrical about my thoughts on this academy. Suffice to say im very glad we started training with them."

Russell Grice

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