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Genesis Martial Arts Gym  | Marlow Gym |  Meter House |  Fieldhouse Lane | Marlow |  Buckinghamshire |  SL7 1LW

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Genesis Martial Arts Gym  | Marlow Gym |  Meter House |  Fieldhouse Lane |  Marlow |  Buckinghamshire |  SL7 1LW

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday12:3013:30BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBJJ - Lunchtime 12.30-13.30
Monday16:1517:00Fitness CircuitsMonday Juniors Bootcamp 7-13yrs
Monday18:3019:30BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBJJ - Roger Gracie - No Gi
Monday19:3020:30BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBJJ Fundamentals
Monday20:3021:30BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBJJ - Intermediate
Tuesday16:0016:45ChildrenDragons AcademyDragons Academy 4-8 years
Tuesday17:0018:00ChildrenKickboxing - JuniorsJuniors Academy 9-13 years
Tuesday19:3021:30Kickboxing - AdultsK1 Kickboxing
Wednesday12:3013:30BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Wednesday16:0017:00Dragons Academy, Kickboxing - JuniorsDragons Academy
Wednesday17:1518:15Kickboxing - JuniorsJuniors High Grade Kickboxing 9-13 yrs
Wednesday18:3019:30BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBJJ - No Gi
Wednesday19:3020:30BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBJJ Fundamentals
Wednesday20:3021:30BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuIntermediate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Thursday16:0017:00Dragons AcademyDragons Academy
Thursday17:1518:15Kickboxing - JuniorsJuniors Academy
Thursday18:3019:45Kickboxing - AdultsBeginners Kickboxing (Adults)
Friday12:3013:30Adults 16+BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBJJ - Lunchtime 12.30-1.30pm
Friday16:1517:15ChildrenDragons Academy, Kickboxing - JuniorsDragons & Juniors Kickboxing 4.5 - 11yrs
Friday18:4520:45MMAMMA Super Session
Saturday9:0010:00BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBJJ -Roger Gracie Fundamentals
Saturday10:0010:45BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBJJ - Intermediate
Saturday11:0012:00BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-JitsuJunior BJJ

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Focus Martial Arts & Fitness brings you the best training methods of each individual martial art which we combine together into our own unique way of teaching and training. "FOCUS THE BODY, FOCUS THE MIND"

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