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Genesis Martial Arts | The Beacon Centre |  Holtspur Way |  Beaconsfield |  Buckinghamshire |  HP9 1RJ

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Genesis Martial Arts | The Beacon Centre |  Holtspur Way |  Beaconsfield |  Buckinghamshire |  HP9 1RJ

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Thursday18:0019:00Dragons KickboxingDragons - Thursdays
Thursday19:0020:00KickboxingJuniors - Thursdays
Thursday20:1522:15KickboxingAdults - Thursdays
Saturday12:1513:00Dragons KickboxingDragons - Saturdays
Saturday13:0014:30KickboxingJuniors and Adults - Saturdays

Kickboxing Classes

Genesis Martial Arts provides kickboxing classes for Lil Dragons 4 - 8 year olds, Juniors 9 - 14 year olds and teens and adult classes. Classes consist of learning how to kick and punch correctly with an emphasis on fitness, competition techniques and respect. Progression is achieved through our structured grading system where students will learn advanced techniques, self defence, confidence and discipline as a result of following our syllabus. Availability is limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Genesis Martial Arts Beaconsfield.


"My sons have been attending Matt Jackson’s kickboxing classes in Amersham and Beaconsfield for some time and having seen numerous lessons I wanted to make some observations. Firstly, the classes are always enjoyable. The students are highly motivated in each class which I guess is due to the energy Matt brings but also due to variety. Each class builds on previous tuition but challenges the students both physically and mentally. Boring ,repetitive sessions never happen and what is taught always has a practical application in mind. Unlike some martial arts classes, the students never stand around waiting for ‘their turn'; all students are constantly active which allows their technique to progress faster and the same with their fitness levels. Sparring is a regular feature of the class which the students love. It is always very closely monitored, it is safe and allows the students to apply what they have learnt in a real situation."

Miles Dornin

"Joined kickboxing at Beaconsfield with Matt just before joining secondary school and gave me tonnes more confidence, really recommend it for anyone of any age to gain confidence, get fitter and have fun."

Kristy King

"The instructors at Genesis are second to none, and Matt is no exception. Training here is challenging, rewarding, and above all enjoyable - highly recommend you give it a try."

Hanisha Soni

"My son, in the picture above, has been kickboxing with Genesis for nearly 5 years now and he absolutely loves it!! The training is structured, motivating and fun. It's been great for his discipline, respect and fitness...all things that help him in everyday life, now and later. Matt, Paul and all the instructors have been hugely inspirational, firm but fun and they really care about the kids. They certainly have both mine and my son's respect!!!"

Uma Varsani

"My son has been attending Genesis classes for over two years now. Great classes with experienced instructors who not only "teach" but also make it lots of fun for the kids. Cannot recommend them highly enough."

James Buchanan

"I thoroughly enjoy going to Matt's classes. He is great at giving constructive criticism and making you push yourself to achieve your goals which is what makes him such a great instructor"

Suzana Martins Smith

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