How's Your New Year's Resolution Going?

15 January, 2016


The end of the year usually prompts us all to make brand new resolutions in order to better ourselves. People say they’re going to improve their lives in a number of ways. They say they’ll lose weight, quit smoking, quit junk food...and become better, healthier people in general! There’s a chance we’ve all been there. However, only a few people usually stick to their new year’s resolution. Many people fail within the first few weeks. Are you one of them? Ask yourself, how’s your new year’s resolution going, really? If you want to make better resolutions and measure your resolution success better, there are a few ways you can do it. Here are some ideas: Write A Diary By writing a diary, you’ll be able to monitor your behaviour and feelings. A lot of the time, the way we feel can directly affect the way we act. For instance, somebody might make the resolution to give up junk food. Then once they feel a little sad, they turn to chocolate for comfort. With a diary, you will be able to notice a pattern in your behaviour and change that to give you the best chance of success. You can also make the effort to keep yourself out of situations that will make you turn back to your bad habits. What Do You Want To Achieve? Rather than wording your resolution like this, ‘I need to stop eating so much cake’, word it like this, ‘I will achieve a healthier body’. When you word your resolution positively, rather than negatively you give yourself a much higher chance of success. Don’t think of the things you shouldn’t be doing, and instead focus on the things you want to achieve. Speak of them as if you’ve already done them too! Tell People What You Plan On Doing By telling people what you plan on achieving, you keep yourself far more accountable. They’re going to ask questions and help to keep you motivated. These people might even become a bit of a support network for you. Don’t keep your resolution to yourself. Talk about it with the people who really matter and you’ll feel much better. Take The Time To Think Of A Good One Lots of people make the mistake of coming up with their resolution on the day. This makes it all a little too rushed, and you’ll choose one based on how you feel at that moment. Instead, take the time to think of a good one. Start thinking of one as far in advance as you can to come up with something realistic and achievable. Try not to use one that you’ve used in the past. This should be a fresh resolution! Use Visualisation People don’t realise just how powerful visualisation can be when it comes to meeting your goals. Try sitting down and actually imagining yourself achieving what you want to achieve regularly. Make sure you’re feeling good about it too. You’re so much more likely to get to where you want to be this way. Try this for 5 or 10 minutes every day and you should notice a big difference in your success and resolve. You need to not only picture what it’ll look like, but what it’ll feel like when you’ve achieved it. Try to feel the feelings that come along with it. What will you see, smell, touch, hear? Put in as much detail as you can. Your brain will work its hardest to make this a reality! Be More Specific Be as specific as you can about your goals. Instead of saying you want to lose weight, say how much you want to lose and give yourself a time frame. By making your goals specific, you make them more measurable, and urgent. If you want to get fitter, say you want to be able to run a half marathon and give yourself a deadline. The more specific you are, the better. If your new year’s resolution isn’t going as well as you’d like, start using some of the tips here to help you get back on track. You need to be kind to yourself; new habits don’t just form overnight. Expect some setbacks; that’s life! Just know how to deal with them. Dwelling on them will only make you feel worse, and cause you to slip up more. In short: stay positive, be specific, and measure your success. You’re the only person who can help you to achieve your dreams. If the mind can perceive it, and you believe it, you can achieve it!