5 Best Exercises To Lose Weight

23 December, 2014


If you are overweight, losing weight can bring a lot of benefits.

>Some of these benefits are financial and mental. A vast majority of the benefits are health-related. When you are overweight, you risk developing many serious health problems. Chief among them are heart problems like high blood pressure and stroke. In addition, you risk developing type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. Given these serious health risks associated with being overweight, it is very important that you find ways of losing the weight. The basic principle of losing weight is burn more calories than you take in. This combines dieting and exercises to lose weight. Employing both of these methods significantly reduces your weight. However, you can still use exercises alone and still burn a lot of calories. Here are the best exercises for weight loss.


Walking is one of the easiest and most effective methods of losing weight. It does not require any equipment apart from a pair of comfortable walking shoes. For somebody who weighs 150 pounds, walking for one hour per day can help them lose close to 600 calories in one day. A 2 hour walk can burn as many as 1200 calories. The good thing about walking is that you do not need to spend all the 2 hours walking. You can walk in 30 minute-blocks of time four times a day and achieve the same results as somebody who walks in one 120 minute-block.


Taekwondo is a form of martial arts that originated from Korea. It involves many movements, strikes, kicks and patterns. Practicing taekwondo is not only an excellent way of acquiring self defense skills but also burning of calories and losing weight. It also has many mental benefits. For somebody who weighs 160 pounds, regular practice of taekwondo can lead to loss of 730 calories for every hour spent practicing. A 200-pound person can lose as many as 910 calories for the same period of time. This is because taekwondo is an excellent cardio workout that greatly increases the rate of metabolism. This in turn leads to more burning of calories.


Done effectively, squats are among the best exercises to lose weight. One can lose of over 10 pounds per hour spent on this method. Squats greatly increase the mass of the muscles. When body muscles increase, the rate of metabolism also increases. With a high metabolism rate, there is an increase in the speed at which calories get burnt. This leads to a large amount of calories getting burnt which leads to a significant drop in the amount of fats in the body thus reducing weight. For the best results, carry out three sets of 15 repetitions every day.


Jogging is one of the best full body workouts. It causes weight loss by increasing the rate of metabolism. This leads to shedding off of a lot of unwanted fats. Since jogging can be hard on your knees, it is better to start jogging slowly over short distances. As your body gets used, you can slowly begin to increase the distance of the jogging as well as your pace. For best results, develop a personalized plan that has realistic goals to be achieved in the course of a week.

Use of Kettlebells

Kettlebells are cast iron balls that are fitted with one handle. Since the weights of the balls are unevenly distributed, the body is forced to work hard to stabilize you through counterbalancing of the weights. This exercise can burn as many as 400 calories for every 20 minutes spent working out. This is because they greatly increase the metabolism rate in the body thus leading to a faster burning of fats in the body. This leads to a significant loss of weight.