11 Benefits of Martial Arts Classes for Children

14 July, 2016


Other than self defence, the benefits of Martial Arts Classes for children aren't always immediately obvious. Here's 11 Benefits of Martial Arts classes for children you might not have considered.

Help Them Stay Fit

Martial Arts classes for children help them stay fit because of the variety of exercises on offer from running to learning balance to helping them improve co-ordination. Helping them stay fit can aid their physical development too.

Teach Children Social Skills

Groups of children in Martial Arts classes get a chance to bond and build friendships as they support each other while learning new skills which they can share together. All this can provide positive benefits to children at school and later on in life.

Children Learn Teamwork

As adults we know the importance of teamwork but for children it can sometimes be tricky for them to understand. Martial Arts classes help kids develop the right skills to understand the value of working together as a team through group activities and exercises.

Boost Self Esteem

Some children can suffer from low self esteem or confidence. Martial Arts instructors encourage kids no matter what level of ability they have. The grading system also helps motivate children and boosts their confidence as they progress from one belt to the next.

A Better Understanding Of Discipline

While Martial Arts classes are fun but they’re also built on the importance of discipline. For a child to achieve their next belt or learn a new move it requires self discipline to practice. This skill can be transferred across all aspects of life which can help children deal with different situations in the future.


"My son Alan started Kuk Sool Won at the age of 5. He also absolutely loves going to the lessons and has gained so much confidence." 
- Anne P (Parent & Student)

Goal Setting

Martial Arts is all about self development and learning so setting goals or targets plays a big role in Martial Arts classes, another valuable life skill children can learn.

Self Defence

Martial Arts classes can show kids how to protect themselves safely and appropriately - in most cases without resorting to physical confrontation.

Enhance Their Listening Skills

To learn new moves and patterns, children have to pay close attention to learn and then repeat their instructor’s guidance.

Improve Focus And Concentration

With so many distractions in the modern world we all understand the importance of being able to focus. Each Martial Arts class requires periods of concentration, a skill that can be transferred to lessons at school or in exam situations.

Learning Respect

Martial Arts is built on the foundation of respect for themselves and others. Classes can help kids see the value of respecting others in every part of life.

Most Importantly... Martial Arts Is Fun!

Children get the chance to burn off energy, make new friends and play fun games while learning the core skills of Martial Arts.

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