10 Best Fitness Apps

23 December, 2014


Getting in shape and following a regular fitness programme can be tough.

A number of great fitness apps have been created to help you stay on track with your fitness routine and they include a range of easy to use features to help getting fit fun.

Martial Arts Trainer

Get inspired with these easy to follow martial arts videos. Learn new moves from the pros that you can incorporate into your own martial arts training programme. There are lots of demonstrations complete with detailed instructions and this great app was developed by a military grade Jiu Jitsu expert.


Jiu Streetsu

Learn how defend yourself from attacks on the street with 68 interested and well-presented techniques. The techniques are presented in step-by-step slideshows and come complete with detailed instructions. Practicing these techniques will help you to get fit and learn new skills that could prove to be very useful.


My MMA Trainer

This is the ultimate app for mixed martial arts training. The Workout Builder feature is very versatile and helps you to design your own workout and include a number of specially selected exercises. The app also includes a library of instructional videos that you can use to learn new skills and develop your style.


MyBoxing Trainer

This complete boxing training application is a real gem that anyone who is interested in boxing is sure to love. There are more than 170 videos that cover all the basics of boxing as well as a number of advanced techniques that will help you to take your boxing skills to the next level and beat the best.


Nike Training Club

Join one of the world’s largest fitness communities to get fit and stay in shape. The app features a large number of special workouts created by leading fitness instructors that are fun and easy to follow. Special demonstrations and guides make it easy for even people who are new to the world of fitness to get in on the action.



Boxing Timer

Despite its name, this handy app can be used for all sorts of workouts including mixed martial arts, wrestling and Muay Thai. The app comes complete with a large number of fully configurable functions to allow you to have your workout any way you want it.


Fight Trainer

This is the ultimate training app for mixed martial arts, boxing and Muay Thai. The app is created to represent the experience of a training session with a professional trainer and the large number of features means that there is always something new to learn to keep you on your toes. No special equipment is needed to use this app, which means that you can complete your trainers anywhere and at any time you choose.


Simple Round Timer

This easy to use round timer has been created for all types of martial arts training and makes timing your rounds absolutely easy.


Cardio Coach Pro

Make cardio workout sessions a breeze with this great app. All you need to do is press the Start Workout button and your session will begin. It couldn’t be easier. There are also plenty of features that you can use if you need to switch things up a little to keep your sessions feeling fresh and engaging.


HIIT Interval Trainer

The countdown timer and stopwatch functions of this simple app have been created for various different types of training programmes. The app allows you to log your training sessions so that you can make sure you stay on target and always get the most out of your workout.