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Premier Martial Arts - Dewsbury | 43-45 Bradford Road |  Dewsbury |  West Yorkshire |  WF13 2EB

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0017:455 - 7Little ChampionsLittle Champions
Monday18:0018:458 - 12KidzKIDZ
Monday19:0020:00AdultsBudo TaijutsuBudo Taijutsu
Monday19:0020:00Adults, ChildrenTraditional TaekwondoTaekwondo
Monday20:0020:45AdultsPremier AdultAdult Premier
Monday20:4521:00AdultsPremier AdultBBC Adult Premier
Wednesday17:0017:303 - 4Tiny ChampionsTiny Champions
Wednesday18:0018:458 - 12KidzKIDZ
Wednesday18:0018:455 - 7Little ChampionsLittle Champions
Wednesday19:0019:45AdultsPremier AdultAdult Premier
Thursday17:0017:455 - 7Little ChampionsLittle Champions
Thursday18:0018:458 - 12KidzKIDZ
Thursday19:0020:00AdultsBudo TaijutsuBudo Taijutsu
Thursday19:0020:00Adults, Children, FamilyTrickingTricking
Thursday20:0020:45AdultsPremier AdultAdult Premier
Friday17:0017:455 - 7Little ChampionsLittle Champions
Friday18:0018:458 - 12KidzKIDZ
Friday19:0020:00AdultsBudo TaijutsuBudo Taijutsu
Friday19:0019:45AdultsLadies ClassLadies only class
Saturday9:3010:003 - 4Tiny ChampionsTiny Champions
Saturday9:4510:45AdultsBudo TaijutsuBudo Taijutsu
Saturday10:0010:455 - 7Little ChampionsLittle Champions
Saturday10:4511:45AdultsBudo TaijutsuBudo Taijutsu
Saturday11:0011:458 - 12KidzKIDZ
Saturday12:0012:45AdultsPremier AdultAdult Premier
Saturday12:4513:00AdultsPremier AdultBBC Adult Premier
Saturday13:0013:455 - 7Little ChampionsLittle Champions
Saturday13:3014:003 - 4Tiny ChampionsTiny Champions
Saturday13:4514:005 - 7Little ChampionsBBC Little Champions
Saturday14:0014:458 - 12KidzKIDZ
Saturday14:4515:008 - 12KidzBBC KIDZ
Saturday15:0016:00Adults, ChildrenTraditional TaekwondoTaekwondo
Sunday12:0012:303 - 4Tiny ChampionsTiny Champions
Sunday12:0012:453 - 4Little ChampionsLittle Champions
Sunday13:0013:458 - 12KidzKIDZ
Sunday13:0013:45AdultsPremier AdultLadies only class
Sunday14:0015:00Adults, Children, FamilyTraditional TaekwondoTraditional Taekwondo
Sunday14:0015:00Adults, Children, FamilyTrickingTricking

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Premier Martial Arts

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What Is Get Into Martial Arts?

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