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Fortitude - East Grinstead | East Grinstead Do-Jang |  East Grinstead Literary & Social Institute |  Queens Road |  East Grinstead |  West Sussex |  RH19 1BG

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:0016:30ChildrenNinjasEG Ninjas (Mon)
Monday16:3017:15ChildrenTaekwondoEG Dragons (Mon)
Monday17:1518:15ChildrenTaekwondoEG Juniors (Mon)
Monday19:1520:15AdultsTaekwondoEG Seniors (Mon)
Tuesday11:0012:00AdultsTaekwondoEG Adults (Tues AM)
Tuesday16:0016:30ChildrenNinjasEG Ninjas (Tues)
Tuesday16:3017:15ChildrenTaekwondoEG Dragons (Tues)
Tuesday17:1518:15ChildrenTaekwondoEG Juniors (Tues)
Tuesday18:3019:30TaekwondoEG Family (Tues)
Tuesday19:3020:30AdultsTaekwondoEG Seniors (Tues)
Wednesday18:0019:009 - 16TaekwondoChange Starts with Us
Thursday16:0016:30ChildrenNinjasEG Ninjas (Thurs)
Thursday16:3017:15ChildrenTaekwondoEG Dragons (Thurs)
Thursday17:1518:15ChildrenTaekwondoEG Juniors (Thurs)
Thursday18:3019:30TaekwondoEG Family (Thurs)
Thursday19:3020:30AdultsTaekwondoEG Seniors (Thurs)
Friday11:0012:00AdultsTaekwondoEG Adults (Fri AM)
Friday16:3017:30ChildrenTaekwondoEG Dragons/Juniors (Fri)
Friday17:3018:30TaekwondoEG Juniors (Fri)
Saturday9:009:30ChildrenNinjasEG Ninjas (Sat)
Saturday9:3010:15ChildrenTaekwondoEG Dragons (Sat)
Saturday12:1513:15FamilyTaekwondoEG Family (Sat)

East Grinstead  Taekwondo Classes

ITF Taekwon Do classes for the whole family. We care passionately about the progress of all our students. Offering age related classes from 3yrs+

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Fortitude Academy.

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What Is Get Into Martial Arts?

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