Hands Down Academies: Epsom

Hands Down Epsom | Rainbow Centre |  East Street |  Epsom |  Surrey |  KT17 1BN

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Hands Down Epsom | Rainbow Centre |  East Street |  Epsom |  Surrey |  KT17 1BN

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0018:00KickboxingChildrens Class
Monday18:0019:00KickboxingJunior Class
Monday19:0020:00KickboxingAdult Class
Wednesday17:3018:30KickboxingChildrens Class
Wednesday18:3019:30KickboxingJunior Class
Wednesday19:3020:30KickboxingAdult Class
Thursday16:1016:55KickboxingLil Dragons
Thursday17:0018:00KickboxingChildrens Class
Thursday18:0019:00KickboxingJunior Class
Thursday19:0020:00KickboxingAdult Class
Saturday9:0010:00KickboxingChildrens and Juniors Class
Saturday10:0011:00KickboxingLil Dragons

Kickboxing Classes

Hands Down Martial Arts offers one of the most comprehensive martial arts curriculums in the world. Our talented martial arts instructors focus on age appropriate martial arts teachings for children ages 4 and up. Many of our martial arts students have gone on to become British and World Champions. Lil Dragons : 4-6yrs Children : 7-9yrs Juniors : 9-14yrs Adults: 14+yrs Be.Your.Best www.handsdownacademies.co.uk

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"A great way to improve fitness, in a family friendly atmosphere. Progress at your pace with the support of the very experienced instructors."

Valerie Harvey

"Saved my life. Best martial arts teachers. Never been fitter or happier than when training with these guys. And my kids took so much from the classes too. After a tough few years with her brother, my daughter would not have the quiet confidence and inner sense of self she shows now, had she not been part of the Epsom martial arts from the age of 4. Stop thinking about doing it and DO IT!"

Rebecca Rolfe

"Since moving from another club I have been so impressed with hands down and the way they look after everyone. From those taking part in their courses to us parents sitting on the side they make everyone feel part of the hands down family. If you want the best training where everyone feels part of it then I suggest coming and trying this club."

Ryan Blackiston

"Coming to this club for four years changed my life mentally and physically. I achieved what I thought was impossible!"

Jo Hart Read

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