Sue Fell Kickboxing - Lucy

The Factory | Reform Street |  Nottinghamshire |  Sutton-in-Ashfield |  NG17 5DB

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The Factory | Reform Street |  Sutton-in-Ashfield |  Nottinghamshire |  NG17 5DB

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday17:0017:303 - 7KickboxingTuesday Dragons
Tuesday17:3018:156 - 11KickboxingTuesday Juniors
Tuesday18:3019:1512 - 16KickboxingTeen squad
Tuesday19:3020:3012 - 16, AdultsKickboxingLesson 1 - The Factory
Thursday9:3010:30AdultsKickboxingThursday morning ladies
Thursday11:0011:303 - 5Kickboxing3 years
Thursday18:1519:0012 - 16KickboxingTeen Squad
Thursday19:1520:15AdultsKickboxingLesson 2 - The Factory
Friday16:3017:004 - 7KickboxingLil dragons
Friday17:0017:456 - 11KickboxingJuniors
Friday17:4518:309 - 16KickboxingTeen Squad
Friday18:3019:30AdultsKickboxingLesson 3 - The Factory

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