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South Eastern School of Martial Arts SESMA | SESMA Studio |  Drayton Ind Est |  Taverham Road |  Drayton |  Norfolk |  NR8 6RL

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:0016:30ChildrenLittle DragonsLittle Dragons
Monday17:0018:00Adults, Children, FamilyKarateBeginners Karate/Taekwondo
Monday20:0021:00Adult KickboxingAdult Kickboxing
Wednesday16:0016:30ChildrenLittle DragonsLittle Dragons
Wednesday17:0018:00Junior KickboxingJunior Kickboxing - Wednesdays
Wednesday18:0019:00Adults, Children, FamilyKarateBeginners Karate/Taekwondo
Wednesday20:0021:00Adult Kung FuKung Fu
Thursday16:0016:30ChildrenLittle DragonsLittle Dragons
Thursday20:0021:00Adult KickboxingAdult Kickboxing
Saturday9:009:30Little DragonsLittle Dragons
Saturday10:3011:30Junior KickboxingJunior Kickboxing Saturdays

Drayton  Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing Classes

The South Eastern School of Martial Arts (SESMA) offers a wide range of classes in Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Kungfu, whether you are looking to start yourself or for a child. SESMA believes in quality, so SESMA has its own specialised Martial Arts Studio in Norwich and uses a professionally run Leisure Centre in Newmarket.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by SESMA South Eastern School of Martial Arts.

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"Started taking our then 6 year old to help him focus at school. He loved it...he has moved on to kickboxing now and the OH and myself have joined the adult kickboxing lessons. Great for all ages... Both getting fit and happy and enjoying it. They would go more if they could."

Lisa Vaughan

"My son was shy and submissive, I was worried this would hold him back in school and as he got older. I am pleased to say joining Sesma has really helped him, he is much more confident now, has no troubles talking and socialising with peers. "

Adem Genc

"After a break i now train in kickboxing alongside my daughter again and my daughter in law. I just cant keep away from Sesma i always come back ,it holds a special place in my heart , great place to train and achieve what ever you want to achieve , but the support you will get will be 100%."

Lisa Osborne

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Get Into Martial Arts is a website designed to help you discover the health and fitness benefits of martial arts. All the classes listed on Get Into Martial Arts are FREE so you can try a class before you join.

Choose from thousands of free classes across the UK, whether you're a parent trying to find a fun activity for your child or an adult looking for a fun way, alternative way to get fit and exercise!

Please note that all the classes listed on Get Into Martial Arts are free trial lessons hosted by independent martial arts schools. For specific details on pricing and further classes after your first free trial lesson, please speak to your instructor for more information.

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What Is Get Into Martial Arts?

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