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Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts® | Coleridge Community College Sports Hall |  Radegund Road |  Cambridge |  Cambridgeshire |  CB1 3RJ

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Thursday19:0020:00AdultsIntegrated Fighting Arts (JKD-Kali-Silat)Kali-Silat
Thursday19:0020:00AdultsCanne de Combat - Fencing with 96cm long canesCanne de Combat training
Thursday20:0021:00AdultsCanne de Combat - Fencing with 96cm long canesCanne de Combat training (II)
Thursday20:0021:00AdultsFocus Mitts & Padwork,Savate BoxeFocus Mitts and Pad Work session

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"Congratulations to the Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts on 20 years of teaching, learning and fighting! You have enriched the lives of many people and given oft-neglected arts a chance of flourishing thanks to your dedication. Wandering into to a CAMA Savate class 10 years ago has led to many friends, adventures and great experiences for me. Thanks for making it possible! - James Southwood"

James Southwood

"I'd just like to send my good wishes to Ollie, Julie and the Academy on its 20th birthday*. I have enjoyed several classes there over the years while attending with my brother, Trevor Massey, and have always found their classes welcoming, interesting and enjoyable. Cambridge is very lucky to have such an active martial arts body and I hope it continues for many years to come. - Paul Massey, IAKSA Kickboxing, Scotland. *2009"

Trevor Massey

"I would like to express my gratitude Ollie and Julie for providing such a high standard of teaching. I feel very lucky that you gave me the opportunity to learn so many different styles. I would really like to attend the celebration but unfortunately I won't be able to make it as I'm in China now. I will keep training but in a different style this time, probably kung fu, wushu or similar. Thank you again and hope to see you soon! - Bertrand"

Bertrand Oesterle

"Many congratulations on making this significant milestone. That you've both worked tirelessly and given yourselves endlessly for all these years to help all these people deserves serious recognition. That you continue to do it in such a selfless, humble and enthusiastic way deserves even more. I'm just one of the many people that have been, and continue to be, grateful for your support and encouragement. Best wishes, Dan Coley"

Dan Coley (Core Training, Cambridge)

"Ollie and Julie, congratulations on two decades of hard team work and persistent dedication to build an academy of diverse martial arts - CAMA is truly a special and rare opportunity that few cities can boast having and worth cherishing!! Thank you, Annie"

Annie Conklin

"This is a wonderful idea but unfortunately I won’t be able to come. I would have had a long hard think about coming over if I wasn’t already on holiday (and away) during next week. I’d be glad if you could say hello from the former bald German ambassador to Cherry Hinton, though. There were many things I remember that I really enjoyed about the spirit that Ollie and Julie built up – a friendly, non-threatening, cooperative atmosphere. Enjoy the party! Dirk Esser"

Dirk Esser

"Thank you for the excellent training you provide as it has given George more confidence and a lot more stamina which can only be a good thing, best wishes Janet & George"


"Guys, you are doing great job in offering an amazing martial arts package to people. Thank you very much for all your efforts. Peter Smielewski"

Peter Smielewski

"Congratulations and Happy 20th Birthday!!! Although I was there for training only a few times I really enjoyed it. I really miss the workout and if my travel requirements will return to normal one day, I will give it another go. Ollie and Julie, I wish you all the best for the future! Oliver Sporrer"

Oliver Sporrer

"Your enthusiasm and inspiration has reached so many. Through training with the academy people’s lives are changed, they gain confidence, happiness, and sometimes love :). What you offer is extra special and I’m so glad I have been a part of it. Thank you, Rachel Cooper xxxx"

Rachel Cooper

"Congratulations on 20 years and being a key part of the top British martial arts associations… Richard Pearce"

Richard Pearce

"Part of a long letter: Ollie, I first spoke to you by phone, in 1989/90. I was a student of HapKiDo in the E. Midlands. The first time I met you, was in 1991 at Hendon cemetery at the funeral of ‘Sul Ki Do Master Mok Yang Kim… We had been taught by Master Mok Yang Kim for a few years… his brother Paul Kim was upset that we had no Korean to instruct us and continue to learn the syllabus. That is when my HapKiDo instructor contacted you to ask if you would teach us the last 5 grades leading up to Blackbelt. You agreed, and came to Edwinstowe and amazed us all with your knowledge, interpretation, discipline and perfectionism, along with a professional and kind approach to teaching. Anyway, ‘if only we lived closer’ I would like to think that we would be training regularly with you both. I hope that your local students appreciate what class of instruction and variety that they have on their doorstep - I’m sure that they do! Best Wishes Stuart and Craig Carter."

Stuart & Craig Carter

"When I was teaching at Coleridge Community College, Ollie taught a self-awareness/self-defence course for our Year 10 pupils. This was for 6 weeks with the girls and then 6 weeks with the boys. At first this was part of the PE programme and then it changed to the PSHE programme. The aim of the course was to raise awareness of personal safety and to teach strategies to cope with physical attack. Ollie quickly developed a good relationship with the pupils, relating examples to real situations that were local and current. The pupils were encouraged to recognise and therefore avoid potential conflict in the first instance but were also taught methods of release to aid escape in practical sessions. When I wanted to set up a private course for my own son and his friends, I had no hesitation in contacting Ollie and he was very accommodating. I feel this is such an important issue for teenagers and would recommend Ollie without reservation. Jane Fidler"

Jane Fidler

"I have employed Ollie [Batts] and Julie [Gabriel] at St John’s College School 1999 - 2017. They have run five hour courses over three days focussing on personal safety and self defence techniques with large groups of thirteen year old boys and girls. I have always found Ollie and Julie to be thoroughly professional in their dealings with the school and with the children. They possess a natural authority that ensures that classes are well run and that the children remain interested and stimulated. I have been impressed with the emphasis put on awareness of safety as the prime consideration, with the self-defence aspect being seen very much as a last resort. The children always enjoy the sessions and they are appreciative of the new skills they learn. I wholeheartedly recommend Ollie and Julie and would be pleased to answer any questions form interested parties. David Palmer"

David Palmer

"Rick Faye, Chief Instructor, Minnesota Kali Group: As far as Ollie Batts goes...that horrible man - He has only been one of the truly solid pillars of martial arts in the UK for as long as I have known him. His knowledge is vast and his ability to communicate and inspire students has helped thousands. I have grown a deep respect for Ollie (and Julie as well) over our years of association. His attention to detail and ability to use new information has kept CAMA on the forefront of this field for many years. I have always looked forward to my trips to Cambridge and I hope this year's is as good as always. Deepest Respects and best wishes"

Rick Faye, Chief Instructor, Minnesota Kali Group:

"Master Anton St'James, Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima UK/Europe, San Miguel Eskrima UK/Europe: I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to Ollie Batts on his 37th year teaching martial arts and the 20th Year of his successful Academy of Martial Arts. Running a successful school is a difficult journey, the fact that you have kept to your path all this time stands as testimony to your hard work, dedication and commitment to the martial arts, your students and your own personal growth. I wish you all the very best for the future and to your continued success for many years to come. Warmest wishes"

Master Anton St.James, Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima UK

"Thanks Ollie on behalf of all GBSF member especially the Birmingham members. For all the hard work, dedication and commitment you and Julie bring the GBSF to the standard of where we are today. No doubt your expertise together with your good personality has earned you the respect of martial artists in general. As we celebrate 37 years in martial arts and 20 years running the academy, I think we should take into consideration of how many time during the course of the 37 years where you had obstacles, setback, disappointment - Somehow you find the strength and courage within your heart to picked yourself up and carry on. When most of us would have just call it a day. It down to your passed positives action that we can today say that we got a successful federation which continue to grows. We are privileged and grateful to have you around. On behalf of every single member GBSF thanks for all those years and I hope that you will have a wonderful time cause you deserve it."

Alain Jean-Baptiste Birmingham Instructor, GBSF

"Congratulations on an amazing achievement and for making the Academy what it is today! Thanks so much for all the time and effort that you have put in to teaching and helping us!! I'm looking forward to the next 20 years of training! :)"

Andrea Elliot-Smith

"Hi Ollie, I hope your well. I used to train at Cambridge academy for a couple years. This was about 10 years ago so I don't know that you'd remember me, there were 2 of us ****s at the time, myself and a younger lad who was looking to join the army I believe. Anyhow, the academy has always remained my best memory of places to train. After leaving Cambridge I moved to London and trained at *** ****** and ****** *************. Then I moved to paris for about four years and trained there, I haven't done anything apart from weights for the last few years though. It looks like you moved to bigger and better premises now? Are you still doing the ground fighting classes? I really miss training with you guys, it remains the friendliest and most pleasant club I've been with, you were such a great coach and did wonders for my confidence in fighting, always kind and humble. All the best"


"Ollie in Luxemburg: In the late 90's, one of our instructors, Irene, went to Cambridge for some English studies. She was looking for a Taekwondo class but what she found was… Ollie. She came back and was very enthusiastic about the training. As we were always looking for something new, we decided to invite Ollie for a weekend course. He came and stayed at my home for about a week. We had some escrima and grappling training, a lot of fun, good food and drinks and some sightseeing. For the weekend we also had 3 instructors from Germany, they were black belts in Hap Ki Do and supposed to teach Hapkido. In the evening we emptied one of the bedrooms in my house and Ollie began to train with the German guys. They showed him their techniques and Ollie always said “ Oh that’s fine, BUT here are some other ways to do it … The Germans decided not to give lesson the next day but they attended the course as students…"

Andre Degros

"I first met Ollie & Julie in 92/93 when I persuaded CU Karate club to attend a seminar run by CAMA with the late Sifu Larry Hartsell. We were all confident in our Karate abilities but ended up being mesmerized by this guy, and Ollie who could take you down to the ground and nullify all your stand up skills. I remember my pal Trevor a very gifted and VERY confident karateka looking horrified as Ollie swept him after he fired a high mawashi Geri kick… I immediately thought I like this guy and he really knows his stuff. I decided to stop Karate and join CAMA to develop my skills… I was hooked and made to feel very welcome. Ollie continually adapts teaching methods. I would say CAMA has always been an early adopter of good teaching practice. Ollie has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the ground game (and other areas too) and has been selflessly passing on these skills the whole time I have known him. I really value the time I spend with Ollie and the Academy."

Tarquin Bennett-Coles

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