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Hilltop First School (Windsor) |  Clewer Hill Road |  Berks |  Windsor |  SL4 4DW

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Hilltop First School (Windsor) |  Clewer Hill Road |  Windsor |  Berks |  SL4 4DW

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Saturday9:4010:104 - 6KickboxingDragons (age 4-6)
Saturday10:1511:007 - 12KickboxingTigers (age 7-12)

Kickboxing Classes

We provide fun and inspiring martial arts, fitness, and self defence classes for the entire family and specialise in teaching complete beginners right through to experienced Black Belts. You don't have to be fit to start and your confidence will grow week by week. Our programme is a unique blend of many martial arts styles that places a strong emphasis on becoming a multi-skilled, fit and capable martial artist, whilst prioritising personal development.

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