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The benefits of Martial Arts for adults and children...

Martial Arts isn't just about taking part in self defence. Classes can help adults and children exercise, stay fit, feel healthy and have lots of fun too!

Get Into Martial Arts has 1000's of free trial martial arts, self defence, kickboxing, karate, kung fu classes and more, so you can try for free.

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Book a FREE trial lesson

Get Into Martial Arts offers FREE trial Martial Arts classes hosted by Martial Arts academies, clubs and schools across the UK including Nottingham, London, Manchester and Birmingham.

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Why martial arts?

Why Martial Arts?

Martial Arts isn't just about self defence. It offers loads of other benefits for Adults & Children from improving fitness to boosting confidence. Discover why you should try Martial Arts today...

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Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing classes

Kickboxing classes are great for adults and kids looking to get fit. Kick boxing classes are also high impact and ideal for toning and building muscle. If you're thinking of giving kickboxing a go, read our kickboxing guide to find out more and how to find a class near to you.

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Self Defence Classes

Self defence classes

Self defence classes provide skills that can be used in real world situations. Focussing on technique rather than fitness, self defence classes can help adults and children feel more confident about their personal safety. Read about self defence & find classes near to you.

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Find a martial arts class near to you

Find a class near to you

Finding a free martial arts, karate, kickboxing, self defence or taekwondo class is easy. Just enter your postcode on our martial arts club search to see all the schools in your area offering free trial lessons.

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About Get Into Martial Arts

About us

Get Into Martial Arts is here to help you discover Martial Arts and try one for free at one of the 1000's of Martial Arts listed listed on our website...

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Which Martial Arts?

Which type of Martial Arts?

From exciting Karate classes to relaxing Tai Chi to Olympic recognised sports like Taekwondo, there is a style of Martial Arts to suit everyone from beginners to advanced...

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Martial Arts FAQ

Got a question?

Have a look through our FAQ section for answers to the most commonly asked questions about booking a free lesson through Get Into Martial Arts.

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