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Which Martial Art?

Which Martial Arts

From exciting Karate classes to relaxing Tai Chi to Olympic recognised sports like Taekwondo, there is a style of Martial Arts to suit everyone from beginners to advanced...

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Why Martial Arts?

Martial Arts offers adults and children loads of benefits from improved fitness to helping kids focus at school. Discover why you should try Martial Arts...

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Get Into Martial Arts is a Martial Arts Classes listing website designed to help you find a Martial Arts school offering lessons in your area.

All the Martial Arts classes featured on our website are trial lessons which means you can try a class for free. If you'd like to continue your Martial Arts classes after your free trial, speak to your instructor who will advise you on class pricing* and how to sign up.

*Typical average cost of lessons £35 - £50 per month depending on location, class type or area. For more details check out our FAQ.

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Why Should I Try Martial Arts Classes?

Physical fitness

Martial Arts are an excellent form of exercise - scientific studies have proven that adults who take part have better stamina, strength, flexibility and muscle endurance.


Martial Arts help to reduce stress and lessen tension by giving an opportunity to relieve the anxiety which has built up during day to day life.

Target setting

Martial Arts is all about self-improvement and growing within the sport, and so target setting and achieving goals plays a big part.

Increase in discipline

With discipline being such a leading factor in Martial Arts it is easy for this routine to cross over into everyday life, ensuring better practices and attitude when dealing with all manner of situations.

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